Avoid Cross Infection with Boar Essence during African Swine Fever Rampage!
In 2018 the world had over 700 million pigs with over half of them in China. With the recent spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) in China and other parts of Asia, the pig population has rapidly declined. When diseases like ASF break out, and breeding animal movement is restricted, then some sows must be bred without the use of adult males. Successful pig breeding is the key to maintaining and restoring pig numbers and the world’s supply of pork and boar odorant like Boar Essence is the key. Boar odorant was discovered by British researchers in 1972. The main components of Meddit Boar Essence are: 5α-androst-16-en-3-one (androstenone, pigenone, androstenone). Boars have a high concentration of androstenone (porrenone) in their saliva. When the sow in her estrus smells androstenone, she immediately reacts and gets ready for mating. The traditional breading method in China is using real boars. The success rate will be highly affected by the health of the boar and the proficiency of the operating farmers. Not only is it time-consuming, laborious and expensive, it is also easy to spread diseases. The application of Boar Essence can effectively reduce the influence of adverse factors and achieve high conception rate in sows. Hillyer (1976) and others found that 5ɑ-androstenone secreted by boars can shorten the time span between weaning to next pregnancy. A group of 35-day-weaning sows were divided into experimental group and control group. The experimental sows sprayed 5ɑ-androstenone once or twice a day. The result indicates that this method significantly reduces the time it takes for the sow to become pregnant again, from an average of 27.2 days to 9 days.