VacArt Bottle Mount Collar
Can be used for the bottles up to 500ml. There’re 3 sizes of collars available: 20mm, 28-30mm and 30-33mm. To attach the bottle to the syringe: put the collar on the caps of the bottle then turn until fastened. To disconnect the bottle: pull the bottle out after twisting the bottle mount collar lose.
ProductMin DoseMax DoseIncrementArt.Nr.
VacArt BM-BC 0.3ml0.05ml0.3ml0.05ml105010501
VacArt BM-BC 0.5ml0.05ml0.5ml0.05ml105020502
VacArt BM-BC 1.0ml0.1ml1.0ml0.1ml105030503
VacArt BM-BC 2.0ml0.1ml2.0ml0.1ml105040504
VacArt BM-BC 6.0ml0.5ml6.0ml0.5ml105050505
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