VacArt Smart Twin TFF (2+2ml)
VacArt Smart Twin is a state of the art dual syringe developed by Meddit B.V.. It can simultaneously inject two kinds of liquids with same or different dosage. Its unique advantages are: The dosage is adjustable independently. You can inject two kinds of liquid with the same or different dosage simultaneously, For example, Smart Twin 2+2ml BM can be used to inject any dosage from 0.1ml~2ml for each barrel (+0.1m increment), which makes it flexible for different dosage combinations. Two ways of connecting the bottle: the bottle can be directly attached to the syringe or connected to it by a tube (with spike-bottle mount or hose adapter). Adjustable distance between the two needles (with additional accessories), or combined into one (by 2-in-1 luer-lock) to meet specific needs.
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