VacArt Middle Bottle Mount Front

Converted from VacArt Bottle Mount Quick-Fit. It is ideal for conventional bottles up to 100mL. It has a better grip and better vision. Middle mounts provide high precision and stability during injection.


ProductMin DoseMax DoseIncrementArt.Nr.
VacArt MBMF-QF 0.3ml0.05mL0.3mL0.05mL110010601
VacArt MBMF-QF 0.5ml0.05mL0.5mL0.05mL110020601
VacArt MBMF-QF 1.0ml0.05mL1.0mL0.1mL110030601
VacArt MBMF-QF 2.0ml0.1mL2.0mL0.1mL110040601
VacArt MBMF-QF 6.0ml0.5mL6.0mL0.5mL110050601
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