VacArt Middle Bottle Mount Back

Converted from the VacArt Tube Feed Back and used for conventional bottles up to 100mL. The syringe has better ergonomics, better vision and better balance during injection.

ProductMin DoseMax DoseIncrementArt.Nr.
VacArt MBMB-QF 1.0ml0.1mL1.0mL0.1mL115030601
VacArt MBMB-QF 2.0ml0.1mL2.0mL0.1mL115040601
VacArt MBMB-QF 6.0ml0.5mL6.0mL0.5mL115050601
VacArt MBMB-QF 10.0ml1.0mL10.0mL0.5mL115060601
VacArt MBMB-QF 15.0ml4.0mL15.0mL1.0, 0.5mL115070601
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