TPX Manual Syringe
VetArt™ TPX Manual Syringe have clearly engraved volume indication on the barrel. The syringe can be sterilized by boiling or autoclave. Drench nozzles are available as an accessory to convert the syringe into a drencher.
ProductMin DoseMax DoseIncrementArt.Nr.
TPX Syringe 5 ml0.5mL5mL0.5mL155001001
TPX Syringe 10 ml0.4mL10mL0.4mL155001002
TPX Syringe 20 ml1mL20mL1mL155001003
TPX Syringe 30 ml2.5mL30mL2.5mL155001004
TPX Syringe 50 ml5mL50mL5mL155001005
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