VetArt Bottle Mount Collar

Used for the bottles up to 500 mL. 3 sizes of collar are available: 20 mm, 28-30 mm and 30-33 mm. To attach the bottle. put the collar on the caps of the bottle then turn until fastened. To disconnect the bottle, twist the bottle mount collar loose, the bottle will pull out easily.

ProductMin DoseMax DoseIncrementArt.Nr.
VetArt BM-BC 0.3ml0.05mL0.3mL0.05mL105010501
VetArt BM-BC 0.5ml0.05mL0.5mL0.05mL105020502
VetArt BM-BC 1.0ml0.1mL1.0mL0.1mL105030503
VetArt BM-BC 2.0ml0.1mL2.0mL0.1mL105040504
VetArt BM-BC 6.0ml0.5mL6.0mL0.5mL105050505
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