Meddit EPART


Version A: Auto-trigger Dosing handle for intramuscular injection. The gun will trigger the dosing activity automatically when you punch the needle into body or muscle. 

Version B: Manual Trigger Dosing handle for subcutaneous injection. You can trigger the dosing activity by press the button on the handle after pierce the needle into skin.


1.EPART is Powered by electronic engine, which makes the injection effortless and smart; 

2.Accurate: the tolerance <±1%; 

3.Two versions of handle for intramuscular injection or subcutaneous injection; 

4.No liquid alarm: to avoid “invalid injection”, the “no liquid alarm” will warn you once there is no liquid in the tube; 

5.Large battery capacity to support the injection up to 20,000 shots; 

6.Durable engine with long service life up to 10 millions shots; 

7.High level of Biosecurity: the barrel, plunger and tubes can be taken apart to clean and sterilized by boiling in water or autoclaved; 

8.Statistics shows: total shots & volume. 


●“Lock Screen” function:

The button will be locked after 10 seconds of inactivity, to avoid accidental touch during use; Quickly double-tap the button to unlock.

●Multi-function Knob: dosage adjustment / prime / statistics button:

1. To adjust the dosage: turn clockwise / anti-clockwise, to increase / decrease the dosage. 0.05ml for each step; 

2. To Prime: Press the button for seconds, when the screen shows [Prime], showing that the gun is in the prime situation—the plunger will keep on moving to remove the bubble in the barrel, and its has 1-5 speed mode for choose. To stop priming, press the button again, then the priming function will be stopped; 

3. Statistics: Press the button quickly , then the screen will show statistics data: the total volume & the number of shots; Press again to enter the statistics clearing interface; Press again to exit the statistics interface. 


EPART has a unique “no liquid” alarm, which can monitor the liquid in the inlet tube. Once EPART detect the tube has no liquid, the gun will stop dosing, and the handle will vibrate to warn the user. When the EPART get the warning of “no liquid”, You need to prime to continue the injection work.

ProductMin DoseMax DoseIncrementArt.Nr.
Meddit EPART IM-1ml0.05mL1.0mL0.05mL601030603
Meddit EPART IH-1mL0.05mL1.0mL0.05mL601130603
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