qDispenser is a reliable and hiIt is suitable for the new plate washing device made by Elisa multiple plate test sets. The washing liquid can be continuously added with a simple pressing action, saving 60% of the washing time.

Precise and continuous dosing action reduces the operation time between the wells of the plate. Thereby it can reduce the reaction time difference of the wells and ensure the experimental results.

FAST-Save up to 60%time

You can deliver the wash buffer to 96-well microplatesthrough the qDispanse with its 8-port manifold continuously. A 96-well microplate will be filled up within seconds with 300ul for each well.

*Other volume can be available on request.

ACCURATE-Tolerance <1% for each well


It's tube can connect all size of buffer bottle directly , supply the liquid continuously, save time of get the liquid back and forth.

RELIAB-Low cross contamination risk.

AUTOCLAVABLE-Can be sterilized at 121℃ ,0.15MPa.

EASY-Ergonomic design make it light weight and easy to operate.

ProductMin DoseMax DoseIncrementArt.Nr.
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