VetArt Middle Bottle Mount & Tube Feed Front Plus

Meddit bottle mount with both bottle mount and tube feed accessories, can be used as bottle mount, middle bottle mount, or tube feed front. Which means it can be apply for any kind of bottles.

ProductMin DoseMax DoseIncrementArt.Nr.
VetArt MBMF-PLUS 0.3mL0.05mLmL0.3mLmL0.05mLmL110011901
VetArt MBMF-PLUS 0.5mL0.05mLmL0.5mLmL0.05mLmL110021902
VetArt MBMF-PLUS 1.0mL0.1mLmL1.0mLmL0.1mLmL110031903
VetArt MBMF-PLUS 2.0mL0.1mLmL2.0mLmL0.1mLmL110041904
VetArt MBMF-PLUS 6.0mL0.5mLmL6.0mLmL0.5mLmL110051905
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